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1. Accreditation of media representatives is mandatory at all events (exhibitions, forums, conferences) organised by International Exhibition Centre Ltd.
2. Accredited media will be registered at the Press Centre booth during the exhibition days. Media representatives must present journalist’s IDs in order to be issued the PRESS badge.
3. ! Sharing the PRESS badge with another person is strictly prohibited.
4. Representatives of advertising agencies, commercial advertising publications are not eligible for accreditation. They may apply for electronic tickets at the exhibition website in order to visit the exhibition free of charge.
5. Those media representatives who violate the accreditation procedure, the rules of conduct at the event or security rules may lose accreditation and the right to enter the IEC territory.
6. ! Accreditation will end two days before the date of each event.
7. Accredited media representatives are
entitled to:
• attend business and exhibition events;
• receive information about the event schedule;
• conduct filming or still photography at the event premises;
• use a press centre (where available) and to work in it during the event.
required to:
• have the specially designed PRESS badge on them at all times while covering the event;
• abstain from interference in the course of the event, unless it is held specifically for members of press;
• ensure accuracy of information;
• post information about the event and forward two copies of the report to the Organiser (IEC).
8. The name of the exhibition and its organiser — International Exhibition Centre Ltd. — should be mentioned in any subsequent publication of reports, either in printed or electronic form, or in footage shown.
9. Links to published information materials, such as documents in the PDF format, articles, interviews, videos, photos, etc., will be much appreciated.
International Exhibition Centre Ltd. thanks you for your cooperation and hopes for further fruitful cooperation!
For more information please contact:
E-mail: advert@iec-expo.com.ua
Please fill out the media accreditation form.
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Journalist’s IDs (scanned copies) of employees who will work at the exhibition
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